Website reviews

The purpose of this blog will be to find and discuss four websites. Two of these websites will be ones which I believe are of good quality and two which I believe are bad quality. I will be judging them in terms of what they offer, they’re ability to deliver on that offer, they’re availability of information, the level of accessibility of that information, they’re layout and they’re level of functionality. The four websites I have chosen are Facebook, Youtube,


The first website I choose was Facebook as it is probably the site I frequent the most. Facebook is a social media site which means it is an online platform to be used for sharing ideas, conversation, pictures, videos and other media platforms. Facebook is the most frequented site in the world and has over 1.4 billion profiles attached to it. This means that every day Facebook could have up to that amount of traffic running through it and yet it very rarely crashes and if it does happen to crash it does not last very long. In my experience using Facebook it has never been down for more than 24 hours. This means that it is exceptionally well run and monitored. Facebook is laid out very simply, if you happened to be a first time user of Facebook the first page you will see after signing up will have almost every option you need and or want right in front of you. This means that you don’t have to click through page after page trying to get to you were you want to go, with almost all options on Facebook it is a simple read then click once. Which is very rare for most websites these days as it seems the preferable method is to host many different option pages inside the sites domain. Facebook has all of the information you need on their page which is accessible very easily again by simply clicking the about us link. One of Facebook biggest criticisms I find it’s that all of your information is out for anyone to see once you have posted it but this simply isn’t the fault of the website itself but the naivety of the user. Facebook provides the option to the user every time they post to control who sees that post.


Another website I chose was Youtube and it is the most popular video sharing site on the web. Youtube is used to upload, view, comment, rate and share Videos. Videos posted on Youtube can be shared with anyone or people who request to view your channel so the amount of privacy you have is entirely up to you the user. Not all Videos posted as public videos are available to all Youtube users, there are also restrictions based on age. Youtube is Very easy to use, even to a person with little experience using a computer. Watching a video is as simple as pressing play and there are easily accessible controls for the volume and the screen size. Comments get posted below the video and there is a clear designated are for writing you comment. YouTube makes a list of related videos and/or recommended videos to the video you are currently watching, just in case you’re looking for something more. When your video is finished playing YouTube will scroll through some additional suggestions in the viewing pane. Notes and suggestions can also be left over the video while it is playing. Youtube also runs Advertisements before featured videos but watching most of these is optional after five seconds. It also has a good support system, most issues you might have are covered in the FAQ section and if not you can ask a question or search for a specific term in the help section and the results will immediately pop up. Youtube continues to grow in popularity and in usefulness, even going as far to provide many with a platform to find work.


Before Facebook Myspace was the leading social networking site in the world. My space’s functionality is awful. Myspace users were allowed to create and edit their page when they join Myspace and while this may sound like a good idea it can easily get out of control and make the user’s page almost un-usable due to the amount of clutter that can be amassed. Facebook’s simple style has proved much more effective and functional. Myspace Pages are covered with colourful backgrounds and text isn’t highlighted or displayed stronger than these colours. This makes it difficult to find and use the pages content. Another feature of Myspace which makes you want to avoid the page altogether is that Users have the option to have music automatically play once you enter their page. This feature of Myspace would drive most anyone mad especially if like me they always forget to turn down the volume on their Phone/Laptop. Myspace might not even take all the blame for this as they provide the option for the auto play to be switched off my the site holder but there is no excuse for the Adds auto playing music, usually along with the music on the site holders page, creating noise that makes you want to exit the page and never look back. Another of Myspace downfalls was the fact that when its completion was allowing you to use your real name as a user name it had you create false one. This may have been created with the best intentions but just became illogical as when people began posting pictures of themselves and writing about where they were, someone knowing their name was going to be the least of their worries anyway. Myspace usability in terms of what its main purpose was, which was communication was awful. During the time Myspace was at its most popular this seemed perfectly fine. It wasn’t until Facebook came along and showed there was a much better way of doing this that people really realised how bad Myspace version was. Comments to one another were loaded with a scrolling guestbook. The comments also had very little restrictions and are filled with text, pictures, videos and gifs without any context in the conversation. The last and maybe most annoying thing about Myspace was the utterly ridiculous amount of spam. It’s accepted that with most websites, social networking websites in particular you are going to get spam, but with Myspace there was, in my experience, so much spam that the website just wasn’t useable anymore.


iTunes is a site used to download, listen to, share, sell, transfer and store music. It is a hugely popular but its functionality is awful. There’s no drag-and-drop option on iTunes. Instead you have too manually manage music and videos which takes three times as long and with this, you’re syncing but in a very un-convenient way. Syncing then really becomes a problem when you have more than one Device to sync to one library, especially if you have an iPod and an iPad. When you do sync a device to itunes adding songs is incredibly slow. My laptop is in perfect conditions and has high running speeds but I can still only Add at most 6 songs at a time with iTunes, when using other sites I can add three times the songs in a third of the time. You would think that these problems could be easily fixed with an update but I seem to get a request to update iTunes almost every two weeks and none of the main problems are solved. As well as these annoying requests I also am constantly getting pop ups asking me to download other apple products which I cannot get rid of. Once you have found the song you are looking for and downloaded it the iTunes player is fine but the library has a bad habit of duplicating your songs when you move them from one place to another, taking up space on your device. A lot of the problems with iTunes seem like they could be easily fixed but they have been the same problems that have been going on for years.


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