Facebook, a good thing.

Facebook Good or bad?

In the following essay I will discuss why I believe Facebook is a good thing. Firstly I am a Facebook user and mainly use its Instant messenger feature. I very seldom post pictures and put up statuses but I do not disagree with people who do, so long as it is done while carefully monitoring the permissions that go along with the post. I’m going to begin my essay by discussing briefly, Facebooks history. In February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, with the help of Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin, launched a website that would change dramatically over the coming years both in format and in popularity. The Facebook, as it was called, was started in a dorm room at Harvard University, where the three friends were students. Within 24 hours of going online, The Facebook was a community of 1200 Harvard University students. This popularity only kept rising, to the point where other schools wanted to be a part of it. Less than three months later it was being used by most Universities across the U.S. After some financial backing Facebook continued its rapid expansion and in 2006 Facebook was made available to anyone with an email address. In this year its number of users grew by 89%. The next step for Facebook was direct advertising. In August 2007 Facebook did just that by offering advertisers direct access to their targeted demographic consumers. Today Facebook has almost a billion and a half users.

My first on why Facebook is a good thing is that it can help you get a job. An average person’s Career will take up over a third of their life. Facebook is a great way to show potential employers what you’re all about outside of work for starters. You can display what you do on a day to day bases, what your hobbies are and what you’re passionate about. Looking at a person’s Facebook could defeat the purpose of an interview as some post about themselves so frequently that an employer will know exactly who they are and what they are about after one look at their Facebook. As well as this becoming friends or liking any company that you are looking to work for or already working for is another good use of Facebook. Not only will this show interest in a particular company, but it will also help to show a commitment to the company as well. This may also give you a leg up on the competition when going for a job as by studying the companies Facebook you may gain valuable information that others may not have. Another way to stand out from the competition using Facebook is to show off some of your work. You could post samples of your work and building a visual portfolio of yourself, your capabilities and past experiences is surely the best type of CV a person could have.

The second reason I think Facebook is a good thing is because it is an unbelievably easy and efficient way to communicate with other people. There is no faster way to spread news than over Facebook. If you post something up to and above 1000 people could see it within minutes. This is sometimes viewed as a negative thing but there are privacy settings on Facebook to allow users control who gets to see what. Facebook is a tool that allows everyone to stay in touch, easily and quickly. Before social media, there was no mass personal information sharing, other than sending a group email and that function was mainly used for spam. Facebook allows for friendships to stay strong and friends and family to stay in contact despite great distances. This point is valid since before Facebook if someone wanted to know about another person they had to actively seek information but Facebook presents it to you in the “news feed,” allowing you to get the information you wanted without having a fortune on Phone calls. Facebook also allows you to stay close with people you are already close with and also provides a platform to make new friends.

Facebook has brought countless numbers of people and groups together Facebook has helped long-lost friends and family to find each other and is good a great platform for communication in complicated situation like this, because of its instant messaging service. It has helped spread the word about different charitable organizations, one that comes to mind is the recent ALS Ice bucket challenge which, thanks to going ‘Viral’ on Facebook, raised over $100 million.   It has also helped people to make educated and informed decisions on many issues which they may only have gained information on by word of mouth in the past and it has even helped the police locate criminals. Facebook isn’t just great for solving large problems, it’s also great for solving everyday annoyances, for example if a friend is travelling and is looking for a lift, one post on Facebook from you and said friend and, in my experience, more often than not someone will lend a hand.

Facebook sponsors ads for products, services and businesses. If a business was to put an ad on Facebook, there would be a greater chance of increase in revenue due to how many people log onto Facebook every day. Joining your business website with Facebook has never been easier and the benefits speak for themselves, with 50% of Facebook users checking their profile every day. These users are all potential customers of yours and any business should use Facebook as an opportunity to expose these potential customers to your brand/product.

Facebook is also your online Photo album and there is no doubt that the people of my generation will have hundreds more photos than that of parents with Facebook providing the platform for us to document our entire lives. In years to come perhaps the children of those of my generation will be able to compare themselves to how their parents behaved growing up.

In short Facebook is good because it provides you a platform in which to communicate easily with friends and family new and old, share things about yourself in order to benefit your life, both Career and personal and maybe most importantly when you are dead and gone Facebook acts as almost a shrine to your life if used right and will last as long as the site itself.


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