Football and Society (Part 4)

Part IV
With the ever growing popularity and exposure of Football, the amount of money going in and coming out of is ever increasing. Players who play for the top teams in Europe have been given a value by their clubs and or agents. The highest of these valuations that has transcended into an expenditure happened in 2009 when a single player was bought for £80 million (€94 million). This fee, at the time, was ‘just’ £20 million less than what it would have cost to buy a certain established premier league football club. Although this type of fee seems astronomical, since then these type of huge money transactions are becoming more and more common and although this may seem a ludacris type of ‘investment’ it can pay off for the football clubs. The value a player can have does not just depend on a player’s ability on a football pitch. Shirt sales bring in huge amounts of money to a football club if a player has the right type of reputation. It is reported by Real Madrid that the £80 million transfer fee they paid was almost recouped after two years on shirt sales alone. However, this does not cover the vast amounts club pay out on player wages each year, as I mentioned earlier, some players can make an excess of £400,000 per week. Figures like this make it hard to fathom how these football clubs can sustain themselves, however, top Football clubs can bring in £400 million per year sponsorship deals, shirt sales, Merchandising, stock sales and much more. For example a certain football club has agreed a deal with Adidas which will bring them £750 million over the next 10 years alone. These increases in the amount of capital have also affected the fans of the game. Ticket prices have of course increased over the past number of years, as well as shirt prices and even football equipment for the amateur player. The role money is playing in football seems to be growing with no signs of it decelerating. Even with the introduction of the new ‘financial fair play’ rules put in place in order to keep clubs from spending outside their means, I feel money will continue to have an enormous role in football.


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